Diversey Pharma: ClearKlens

Simple Solutions for Complex Procedures

When the key focus of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is the safety, quality and efficacy of the end product, the hygiene of manufacturing facilities is critical.  Diversey are a market leader in the development of hygiene solutions for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, ensuring consistent, reliable supply that you can depend on.


Diversey 's products are manufactured under controlled and consistent conditions in our industry leading manufacturing facilities in France and the UK.  Our manufacturing and technical centres adhere to good manufacturing practises (GMP) and are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that your processes can rely on our products.


At Diversey our aim is to provide a concise range of products that meet your hygiene requirements, simplifying your cleaning regime and removing the complexity from selecting the correct detergents and disinfectants for your manufacturing processes.


For over 20 years, Diversey have been developing innovative hygiene solutions for sterile and non-sterile production.  Our experience and knowledge has been used to develop a dedicated range of products to specifically meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry: the ClearKlens range.